Source-Receptor Relationships

These studies seek to understand the properties of aerosols at a location of interest, known as the receptor site, in terms of the contributions and characteristics of emissions from different sources. In this area of research, statistical models are used to estimate the relative contributions of emissions from sources based on measurements made at receptor sites.

Recent Papers 

  • Knox A, N. Mykhaylova, G. J. Evans, C. J. Lee, B. Karney, and J.R. Brook , “The Expanding Scope of Air Pollution Monitoring can Facilitate Sustainability Development” Science of the Total Environment 48 (15) 189–196 (March 2013) [online]
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  • Jun, Yun-Seok, Cheol-Heon Jeong, Kelly Sabaliauskas, W. Richard Leaitch and Greg Evans. “A Year-long Comparison of Nucleation and Growth Events at Paired Urban and Rural Locations” Atmospheric Pollution Research 5, 447-454, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.052. (2014).
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Recent Theses

  • Catherine Phillips-Smith “Sources of Particulate Matter in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region: Investigation through a Comparison of Trace Metal Measurement Techniques” MASc Thesis in Progress.
  • Andrew Knox “Engineering Strategies and Methods for Avoiding Air-Quality Externalities: Dispersion Modeling, Home Energy Conservation, and Scenario Planning” PhD thesis 2015.
  • Maygan McGuire “Characterizing the Origins of Atmospheric Aerosol through Receptor Modeling of Multiple Time-Scale Chemical Speciation Measurements” PhD Thesis 2014
  • Yun Jun “Comparison of Nucleation and Growth at Paired Urban and Rural Locations” MASc Thesis 2011
  • Peter Rehbein “The Characterization of Fine particulate Matter in Toronto Using Single Particle Mass Spectrometry” MASc Thesis 2010