Source Characterization

Instruments are being used to characterize aerosols released from known sources. Of particular interest are emissions associated with emerging vehicle technologies such as biofuels and emission treatment technologies. Emissions due to biomass combustion are also being examined.

Recent Papers 

Zimmerman N, K. J. Godri Pollitt, C-H Jeong, J. M. Wang, T. Jung, J. M. Cooper, J. S. Wallace, and G. J. Evans “ Comparison of three nanoparticle sizing instruments: the influence of particle morphology” Atmospheric Environment 86 (2014) 140-147. Jan 2014

Ketterer J., J. Wallace and G. Evans “Emissions in Compression Ignition Engines with Animal-Fat-Derived Biodiesel Fuels” Proc. of SAE 14th World Congress and Exhibition 2014 2014-01-1600 9.

 Recent Theses

  • Ezzat Jaroudi “In-situ Characterization of Fly Ash Mixing State in Biomass Boilers” (PhD in progress)
  • Khaled Rais “ Emissions from bio-fueled diesel engines” MASc Theis in progress
  • Naomi Zimmerman “Chemical Characterization of Engine Emissions” (PhD in progress)
  • Terry Jung “Design of a system to investigate engine emissions” (MASc Thesis, 2013)”
  • Andrew Knox “Externalities of Energy Systems in Analysis of Home Energy Conservation” (PhD in progress)
  • Curtis Wan “Characteristics of Engine Emissions from Different Biodiesel Blends” MASc thesis 2011
  • Justin Ketterer “Effects of Biodiesel on the Properties of Diesel particulate Matter” (MASc Thesis, 2010)