Health Impacts

Epidemiological studies have revealed strong associations between exposure to particulate matter and adverse health effects. Effects arising from both chronic and acute exposure have been found, although the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms remain poorly understood. Studies within this research area are investigating the cardiovascular and respiratory effects of aerosol inhalation.

Recent Papers

  • Akhtar U.S., Neeraj Rastogi, Robert D. McWhinney, Bruce Urch, Mike Fila, Jonathan P. D. Abbatt, Frances S. Silverman, Greg J. Evans, Jeremy A. Scott “Comparative toxicity of size-fractionated ambient particulate matter in human airway epithelial cells” Toxicology Reports 1 145-156 (May 2014)
  • S. Bhinder, H. Chen, M. Sato, R. Copes, G. J. Evans, C-W. Chow, and L. G. Singer, “Air Pollution and the Development of Post-Transplant Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction” Accepted American Journal of Transplantation (June 2014)
  • Wang X, N. Khanna1, J.Wu1, K. Godri Pollitt, G. J. Evans, C.-W. Chow, J. A. Scott “Syk mediates airway contractility independent of leukocyte function” Allergy 70 429-435, (2015) (IF 5.99).
  • Amatullah H., M.L. North, N. Rastogi, B. Urch, F. S. Silverman, G. J. Evans, J. A. Scott “Comparative Cardiopulmonary Effects of Size-Fractionated Airborne Particulate Matter”Inhalation Toxicology 24(3) 161-171 (2012) doi: 10.3109/08958378.2011.650235
  • Akhtar U.S., R. D. McWhinney, N. Rastogi, J. Abbatt, G. J. Evans, J.A. Scott “Cytotoxic and pro-inflammatory effects of ambient and source-related particulate matter (PM) in relation to the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and cytokine adsorption by particles” Inhalation Toxicology  22(S2) 37-47 (2010) doi:10.3109/08958378.2010.518377

 Recent Theses

  • Angel Van Huang “Oxidative Burden; A new metric for Assessing Particulate Matter Exposure” (MASC thesis in progress)
  • Umme Rumy Ahktar “In vitro Toxicological Study of Particulate Matter and the Relationships with Physicochemical Properties of Particles” PhD Thesis 2014
  • Josie Cooper ”Measurement of engine emission toxicity” ((thesis on hold)