Summer 2011

  Abby Eldib

Abby joined SOCAAR for two summers (2010 – 2011) after her second year as a Chemical Engineering student. During her time in SOCAAR, she worked on many projects as a commuters exposure study in the subway environment and a comparison between the performance of ultrafine particulate matter instruments using artificially generated particles. She also helped with the design of the sampling systems currently implemented in SOCAAR facilities. Lastly, Abby describes her time in SOCAAR as a great opportunity to gain experience on the latest technologies in the aerosol research as well as a great opportunity to discover and grow one’s skills and abilities.

  Jessica Kok

Jessica is in her third year of Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto. She joined SOCAAR in May 2011 under the supervision of Prof. Greg Evans. Jessica focused on characterizing NO2 gradients with increasing distance from roadside using Ogawa Badge passive sampling devices.

Her work contributes to bringing forth efficient methods of near-road pollutant measurements. She looks forward to making more contributions to environment protection and climate change in her future.

  Tasko Olevski

Tasko has been involved with SOCAAR since the beginning of his Chemical Engineering undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto. Having already worked on different projects such as air sampling on TTC buses or the renovation of the SOCAAR lab, after finishing his second year, Tasko joined SOCAAR for a four-month summer internship. As part of the internship, he worked on characterizing the spatial distribution of ultrafine particulate matter in the vicinity of the lab at the intersection of St. George and College St.

  Tara Stratton

Tara is in her third year of the Biomedical Option in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto. She joined the SOCAAR team for the summer of 2011 as part of an internship with the Centre for Global Change Science. Using the ART-2a algorithm, Tara worked on analysing the temporal trends and mass spectra of aerosol particles for data collected throughout 2009, and identifying factors which contributed to an increase in concentrations of specific types of particular matter.