Vision and Mission

A vibrant multidisciplinary research community that produces world class knowledge and fosters the development of highly successful engineering and science professionals.

We will:

• Advance thinking and understanding of aerosol science.
• Energize and support our members in the pursuit of research.
• Promote collaboration, collegiality, and community, and foster sustained interdisciplinary partnerships.
• Promote linkages between academia, government, industry, and the public.
• Attract and produce top students, post-doctoral fellows, and other researchers.
• Generate knowledge to help evolve the education of successful engineering and science professionals.
• Generate knowledge that supports short and long-term decision-making and the development, implementation, or compliance with policies and regulations.
• Be recognized for its contributions and excellence.
• Be respected for providing an unbiased and accurate perspective.

so as to develop exceptional people and reduce the adverse impacts of atmospheric aerosol on air quality, health, and climate.